First I want to thank everyone around the country for your support, comments, signing the petition and having compassion for our national symbol.

I have spent two weeks talking to WDFW, and basically getting nowhere. Yesterday marked 8 weeks that have passed since I informed U.S. Fish and Wildlife about the oversight and lack of any basic protection for Skye and Kite. They remain silent, despite emails, pictures witness statements, and our petition being sent to them.

I have meticulously gone over and review for them all the environmental and wildlife laws and policies that have been totally missed by County, State, and Federal Agencies.

WDFW (State) wildlife agents told me that it was up to USFWS to do anything. So I sent them documentation that shows that the Growth Management Act of 1990, which designates “critical area’s” for protection, and therefore fall under WAC 232-12-292, which is a state law to “seek to protect nesting and roosting eagles from disturbance, and preserve habitat.” WDFW tried to tell me that since the eagle was delisted from the Endangered Species list, that WAC 232-12-292 no longer applies. So I went to the WDFW website and found a paragraph that states when eagles are in designated “critical area’s” that if eagles are listed as “Sensitive”, then WDFW is still responsible to enforce WAC 232-12-292. Of course eagles are still listed as a “sensitive” species, and so WDFW has been notified of their responsibility.

All of you know that the trail is totally wrong, and see it immediately, and believe me I’ve shared your comments and common sense with both WDFW and USFWS.

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but just an hour ago I got a text from the owner of the property, wanting to meet with me with me late this afternoon. So I hope that maybe I will be able to negotiate a trail closure. Or at least get the owner to agree to request permission to do so. I just want to reiterate that it is Whatcom County that is insisting on the trail, and the owner was forced to comply.

Keep your prayers coming, we’re going to win this fight and get the protection that Skye and Kite deserve.