“the decline of eagle numbers… south of the Canadian border has been officially attributed to pesticide contamination (DDT) and is supposed to be a recent concept which, if accepted, conveniently ignores and effectively conceals the historical record of a full century of unremitting, officially condoned, and often officially rewarded persecution, with extinction its stated goal.” Beebe 1974

Eagles of course are known for being symbolic of the big picture, burning away the fluff, and seeing what truly is going on. Yet when eagles are talked about in the main stream media, they become somewhat of a caricature mostly shown in bright happy primary colors. There are usually about 3-4 types of stories about eagles in the media across the country. I should know, I’ve been researching eagles continually since 2007. The most prominent story is the new eagle nest story, or the eagle was spotted in a part of the country that doesn’t see eagles often, or an eagle was released after being in rehab from an injury, and of course they are always mentioned as being rescued from extinction.  These make up the ways most people hear about eagles. Then there is the occasional story of an eagle being shot, electrocuted, dying from lead poison, or hit by an car.

Now all of these articles or news reports are short and to the point, and never go into much detail about the history of eagles, but when they do they all seem to grab the same short file from their database that goes something lime this.