Welcome to Eagle SkyeNet … where eagles are being revealed as never before, from their physical majesty to their spiritual power… from ancient Greece to modern America the eagle connects us to our past, and to our struggle for the future…. Our national symbol of freedom, that has never lived free, is capturing our imaginations and inspiring many people to work towards a sustainable future.

We have assembled some of the top eagle experts in the world, with decades of experience with wild eagles and captive eagles, to bring you the rich and pervasive influence that eagles have had on all cultures throughout history.

The eagles have returned to our shores after being extinct from our skies for nearly a century. They are adapting to us much better then we are adapting to them. Eagle SkyeNet hopes to change that.

The spirit of eagles, like the spirit of nature is everywhere and Eagle SkyeNet is dedicated towards helping us reconnect with our inner needs of being a part of the natural world and the spiritual awareness that has been obscured by modern life. An eagle feather is symbolic of peace and as you get to know the eagle better, we hope you are able to come to your own realization about eagles and their true significance in the world.



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I do all of my research, filming, monitoring of the eagle, videos, blog post and much more all for my love of eagles. I purchase all of my equipment, software and pay for web hosting. 

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I also get some donations, the eagles and I are genuinely grateful.